New Seed Treatment System Empowers Farmers

Chemically treating seeds prior to planting is nothing new. Seeds have been treated for decades to maximize yields, control early season insects, and protect seeds from diseases. The problem with seed treatment lies in the fact that farmers have to pre-order treated seeds from Seed Treaters months in advance of the planting season. They basically have to guess what condition the soil will be in at the time of planting. Predicting which insects will be most likely to attack crops in any given year is speculative at best. Farmers also have to estimate how much seed they will be using. Any of those factors can change between the time seed is ordered and the time planting begins.


Companies that provide Seed Treater services have huge vats of seeds that are treated quickly to meet the demands of orders. There is no guarantee that every seed is actually treated properly; that there is no damage to the seed during the process; or that the chemical blend is suitable to every area. The delivery date of the seeds may also cause a problem. Seeds that arrive too early have to sit in storage before they are planted. That increases the risk of moisture and exposure to bacteria. Seeds that do not arrive on time delay planting which can have a dramatic effect on the crops. It is an expensive gamble that leaves farmers in a precarious position season after season.

Empowering farmers to take control of their own seed treating process is the goal of a new treatment system called My Yield. The system, available in three different sizes, allows farmers to treat seeds on the premises when needed. Customized blends suit the unique needs of farmers in specific geographical areas. Blends can also accommodate soil conditions and seed type. The mixing process gently rotates the seeds for maximum coverage. It also significantly reduces the risk of damage to the delicate seeds. The attached conveyor continues the process by mixing seeds as they travel to the planting equipment.

The system lowers the cost of seed treatment, places control in the hands of the farmers, and provides a high return on the investment. Some farmers reported realizing a full return the first year of owning the equipment. That provides a profit for every subsequent year of usage well into the future. The flexibility afforded by the new treatment system allows farmers to alter blends for each field they intend to plant, or use a new blend every year. Discover the features of the system by going to em powering farmers. Farmer will also learn about financing options on the site.


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